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Soooo, I was playing around with this Pokemon diagnoser thingymabob, and it turns out that danny fenton would be normal/ghost and would evolve with a stone (Danny Fenton would be dragon/fairy, but that’s beside the point). Basically I got a mighty urge to draw Danny as a Pokemon. So he starts out as a wee baby phantom and he evolves into a ghost/fighting Pokemon with affection or during the day or something and he turns into a ghost/dark if you kill all his friends and family he evolves at night or with a dark stone… or something. I don’t really know. And I colored it all crappily because I didn’t really care. :P  Eheheh, I’m not exactly pro at designing Pokemon. I also wanted him to be ghost/ice, but he doesn’t really look it, you know? Clearly I can’t design one that does. Nope. That’s not possible. At all.

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