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Soooo, I just made a tumblr account in order to be part of the phandom. Basically. You have no idea how obsessed I am with this show. XD I’ve been too lazy to post anything, but I’ve been actively seeking out the phandom for several months now. Again. It’s been my favorite thing since I first saw it when I was thirteen, and I didn’t even have cable or anything so it took me years to finally see all of it.

I wanted to be part of the phanniemay thing, and I did sorta start… but anyway, we’ll see if I catch up. Most likely not. :P This picture is far from perfect, but my computer won’t let my tablet use pressure sensitivity for some reason, and I was just done trying to reason with it. Plus I just don’t know how to computer art. >:/

So, the zipper-neck thing is something I’ve been thinking of for a long time. I think it’d make a cool choker necklace. XD But with everyone doing the whole headless Danny thing, I thought that it was perfect for him. Because he’s half alive and half dead, he can decide when to be mostly normal and when he is beheaded (dead). 8D So there’s all this lovely ghostly ectoplasm coming out of him. Yeah. I think this may have been cooler as Danny Fenton pulling open the zipper and letting out his ghostly stuff, but whatever, I still like it. X3 So I guess this could possibly be favorite au and/or redesign… XP

Yeah, I’ll shut up now.

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