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I have shown my love for Gravity Falls… deertaur Dipper was inevitable. XD Now the question is how many of you guys saw this coming.

Dipper u really should go to the hospital ok



Why don’t we have an au where Danny was fixing the portal when it turned on?

Danny’s not stupid, and he grew up with very enthusiastic inventor parents. In canon he learned a gorilla’s language just from watching it for an extra credit assignment. It’s not too much of a…

You need to read Bottomless Thermos by Cordria, my friend. It has almost everything you’re looking for and it’s perfect. It’s one of my favorite fics ever

Wow, thanks! That is a great fic, and I really enjoyed reading it! Here’s a link if anyone wants to read it. It doesn’t change canon so that Danny fixed things in the first place, it’s more like he forced himself to learn about his parents’ technology so that it wouldn’t kill him and then working in explanations for Danny making some of the canon inventions. I love it so much and Cordria writes so well and I’m so happy that it works with canon im cry ;w;

spectralninja has also mentioned that someone has actually done this before, so I guess it’s not that we don’t have this au laying around somewhere, but I haven’t seen it and I would for sure like to see more of it. XD

Why don’t we have an au where Danny was fixing the portal when it turned on?

Danny’s not stupid, and he grew up with very enthusiastic inventor parents. In canon he learned a gorilla’s language just from watching it for an extra credit assignment. It’s not too much of a stretch to make him mechanically inclined, is it?

Think about it. Danny becomes half ghost while working with his parents’ most dangerous invention. Danny actually fixes the Fenton Thermos to get it to work instead of using his aura to charge it or whatever he did in the show. Danny secretly tweaking his parents’ inventions so that they aren’t dangerous to him or have a different effect than intended. Danny eventually making his own ghost hunting equipment.

And, of course, he’s still failing school because he’s too busy with ghosts to attend or do his homework.

Immediate fandom followup for my followers that don’t care about deertaur. XD Receipt tape drawings again, and the fanart that I’ve accumulated for Detentionaire, which is an awesome show, btw. Lee is a cute smiley blushy baby <3

I don’t really wanna explain these, but just fyi, in that one picture Danny is fighting off Supernatural style possession. Oh! And that Adventure Time pic is Kikai’s (and Demi’s) au and Danny does not actually have an ice arm, I just like drawing it so yeah.


Anonymous asked:

Yeah I'm with you~ I really loved his ice powers and come to think of it, I remembered a long time ago that somebody made a really interesting headcanon about Danny acquiring ice powers in a logical way! But alas, I can't find it anywhere. ;3;

I’m glad you agree with me, that makes me happy~ :D I’m kinda surprised that the little rant got as many notes as it did, and I’m really happy that other people feel the same. Makes me not so worried to draw Danny with ice more, mwa ha ha…

I’m sure that lots of people have come up with logical ways to explain them, this phandom seems really good at explaining ghost anatomy and stuff. It’s still sad that it didn’t work so well in canon, and that it throws so many people off, but that’s okay. I like Danny without ice powers, too, and sometimes it works if you’re trying to make sure that Danny’s not too powerful with so many different powers at his disposal (i just prefer him with them, hee hee).

((ALSO I really really stink at answering people and I’ve been feeling like super guilty about it and I kinda want to make yet another blog that I can reply to people on so that my blog won’t be like all text posts with the occasional pic because of how infrequently I post stuff but I probably will still not reply that quickly or whatever because of reasons and excuses but I really love and appreciate anyone who’s ever said anything nice to me and I feel really bad that I haven’t replied to each and every single person that’s ever messaged me I’m so sorry ;A; ))

Ghost King Danny with an ice crown

Idk if he keeps the crown or if he just summons a new one if he needs it, I just thought an ice crown would be rad. The Far Frozen made him that cloak in commemoration of his rise to the throne. It’s not really Danny’s usual style, but neither is the crown so he just kinda stopped complaining. XP

ALSO I’ve been wanting to talk about Danny being heir to the throne after the fight with Paraih Dark- what if Vlad was also a candidate (because he’s the one who locked the sarcophogus), but the “high council” or whoever’s in charge knew that they didn’t want him in a position of power, so they forced it on Danny. Danny argues that he doesn’t want to and he’s too young and he’s still human and all these other reasons why he shouldn’t be king, but they’re basically like “deal with it!” because they know that the other guy wouldn’t turn the job down.

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